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Arabic Language Services...

Fifty years of innovative language solutions in Three continents. 

Ed Salama is your experienced and trusted Arabic Translator in Berlin, having worked for top level Government, NGOs, International Organizations and Private Sector.. and now covering all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.. in

Arabic English German and Spanish offering his expertise in several fields, including full media/advertisement management targeting 

all market         segments..

We offer translation services for:
- Print, digital and AV media monitoring and original content analysis based on client's needs;   -  Real time marketing   intelligence

 - Public opinion   surveys

 -- Brochures, newsletters and industry technical journals for specific events.
– Audio Visual Productions
– Market Research
– Export Documentation
– Meetings, 

   Conferences &                  Exhibitions

 – Joint Venture Support

– Full-line-of-Service at the  Point-of-Sale, worldwide.


Contact me for an exchange of ideas, to explore the possibilities and to get a confidential cost estimate:

Mr. Ed Salama

Tegeler Weg 25
10589 Berlin


030 - 219 817 21 

For confidentiality and your data protection: please use only this number or the mobile number below to reach me personally:


0176 - 2525 4835

Please use only this personal email address.

Write us in the language of your choice.

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